Sewing project – Mini purse


Since V takes advantage of every opportunity to dig through my purse, I decided I’d make her one of her own to dig through.

I have several pieces of good material from the FabMo distribution event so picked something that I thought would look good. Here’s what I needed:

Five pieces total – One large for the back that wraps around to the front, 3 pieces for the pockets, and a small rectangular piece to attach the loops to the back for holding the strap. Size really doesn’t matter, as long as the 3 pieces are the same and fit uniformly against the large piece. The size of my 3 pieces is 3″ x 4.5″. I also used velcro for the fastening. A button could do as well, or a snap.

The most time-consuming part was putting a serger-type stitch all around my cut out pieces to keep the material from unraveling. My sewing machine can do it just fine, but it takes at least a good hour to do all the pieces.


After I had all the pieces finished, I lined up pieces 2 and 3 and sewed a low ark through both of them.


Next, I sewed the pieces of velcro onto what would be the cover flap and base.


Attach the loops to the back of piece 4 with piece 5. I made the loops by taping pieces of cording into the the desired height.

sewing loops

Then I began attaching the pocket pieces together, almost in an accordion style. Sew three sides together of pieces 1 and 2. Then sew pieces 3 with 4. In the second picture it’s easier to see how they’ve been attached.


Finally, I tied a dark, thicker cord onto the loops. I measured it on V first before doing the final cutting and adjusting.


Now she has her own purse to go through, take things out and put back in. Her grandma generously donated colorful cards to add to the collection.


The reality is that she still prefers to go through mine.

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