Craft project – Beaded necklaces

On our trip to San Diego, my dad recommended that I go to a bead store that is just down the street from their house. Since I do all kinds of craft projects he figured this might be something else I’d be in to. Actually, I was hesitant to go, simply because I didn’t want to be tempted into spending money on something I don’t have that much interest in.

Well, I went, and I bought beads. Why? In the end I just couldn’t pass up the deals. When you get there, there’s many tables set up out fron with stacks and stacks of beads, all marked down to 86% off. I bought a few strings of Italian-made Murano glass beads, originally $12 and $14 a piece for a few bucks. Same goes for beautiful Czech-made faceted glass beads.

I bought enough wire string and clasps for two necklaces. First I made this blue one that went to my mom.

Then I wanted to see how something came out using a green color combination.

I used those Murano beads. In the blue necklace, the Murano beads are rectangular and more flat. In the green one the Murano beads are heart-shaped and slightly more rounded.

What’s nice is that you don’t need a lot of tools, only good pliers. Luckily my dad has several pairs in the garage and I found two pairs that worked for me beautifully.

Seems like I’ll be making more of these when down in San Diego again. Hopefully mom and I will go to a class, just to check it out. Should be fun.

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