Discovering “The Sound of Music”


At 20 months V has discovered The Sound of Music — and it was definitely love at first sound.

I started singing Do-Re-Mi to V quite some time ago. I’m familiar with it enough that I know it well enough to get through it. And now for the past several weeks she says, “Do. Do. Do. Do,” meaning she wants me to sing the song. She’d request it, again and again.

Then I started with showing her clips on youtube of a few songs. They were of poor quality, but they were fascinating to her none the less.

This past weekend we visited my parents who have a copy of the film on blu-ray. Wow! What a gorgeous film! And of course V was absolutely spell bound by the huge musical numbers, such as So Long, Farewell, and The Lonely Goatherd.


She has such a smile of pure joy when she sees Julie Andrews on screen. So happy and proud. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile like that before.

I wanted to find the music clips in the movie all strung together, without watching the movie in its entirety. I knew it had to be out there. It is. In the 45th anniversary edition on blu-ray (which my parents have) there is a separate DVD with a “music machine” that has all the songs one after another. And you can skip through ones with just a push of a button.

Now it will be a challenge to not give in to her requests to see those musical clips at least every other day.


One thought on “Discovering “The Sound of Music”

  1. I have to say that if she is going to get “hooked” on a some music or a movie, she couldn’t pick a better one. I’m proud of her; the girl has good taste!

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