At 19 months, V is crazy about stickers. She loves putting them on a wall, for example, and then peeling them off. She stick them on my pant legs and after I point them out to her again, she’ll put them pack on the wall.

This past weekend I went to another booksale and found the cutest bunny sticker book.

The illustrations are so clear and cheerful. There’s a new scene every turn of the page and stickers are provided for kids to put where they want.

On the cover it says “reusable” but since when are stickers that are put on paper really reusable? Not without alot of frustration and torn stickers.

I’m going to try to make this one reusable. I’m planning to laminate the pages and then some how put the stickers on a material that will stick onto the plastic coated picture. Vinyl? Cellophane? PVC plastic? I’m going to try all three and see what works best.

I want to hang some of these illustrations on her wall and let her stick and re-stick her stickers as much as she wants.

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