V’s favorite book these past weeks has been “The Mitten”, by Jan Brett. It’s the story of Nicki and how he loses a white mitten in the snow and the animals that crawl inside it.



While I was in her sock drawer, I found a pair of mittens I had bought at Target after Christmas for 50 cents. I never imagined how excited V would be when she saw them. She knew what they were immediately, of course, and better than that, she wanted to put them on.


She loves to take them off and put them on again, with help. It’s funny to watch her attempting to play with toys when she has them on. On a cold day last week I took them with us when we went out for a walk. She wore them briefly — though happily clapping her covered hands — before pulling them off. I tried again when she was quietly sitting in her stroller, but she didn’t want them. She would rather suck her fingers instead.


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