Craft project – Fira drawer unit, part II

I’ve finished the second set of Fira drawers. Here’s how they turned out.

I wanted to try something like a mosaic, taking a picture and then after tearing it up into little pieces, put the pieces back a little differently. The pictures were of very prettily arranged flowers. Once I tore up the picture and did the mosaic, the image is all but gone. Still, it looks ok. Very colorful.

Here’s what the unit looked like originally.

Quite a big difference. Once again, I sanded down the sides, and put two coats of wood finish over it. Once everything dried, I started with the fun part.

I printed a picture and then tore off strips. With the strips I tore off lots of little pieces and then glued the pieces on to the drawer top.

After I had all my pieces on, I painted it with two coats of varnish and once that dried, cut off the edges with my exacto knife.

I painted my first set of 9 drawers a few weeks ago. I thought that I’d keep them together but I’m not so sure. While I use the 9 quite a lot for my sewing things, I’ve found that I don’t really have a use for this new 3-drawer unit. Here’s what the two drawer units look like together.

I’ll keep them both on my desk for now but might change my mind later.

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