Yay, light


V’s a pretty expressive little girl these days. She loves to say “yay” and “wow”.

Last week the light went out in the refrigerator. I made a big deal about it to her to get her hyped about going to the hardware store across the street. We were going on a mission to get a new light bulb. I unscrewed the bulb and she saw me put it in the stroller. On the the way to the store I repeated several times, “Let’s go to the store to buy a light bulb,” or “We are going to buy a new light.” In the store we took our time in the isle with light bulbs; she said “light” probably a hundred times. When we came home she stood by me when I screwed in the new bulb and when the light came on she exclaimed, “Yay, light.” That was nice. Now every time we open the refrigerator together, she says, “Yay, light.”

It’s interesting to see her ask a question. We have a neighbor who has a cat. We see them both almost every afternoon when we go for our walks. We stop to say hi and to chat a bit, and V immediately looks for the cat. If she doesn’t see him she puts her hands out, palms up and says, “meow, meow?” It’s strange how she intuitively knows that gesturing with empty hands means that something is missing.

She also loves to say “oh, no”, “uh-oh” and “oops”, though she pronounces oops like “ups”.

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