Craft project – Slavic-styled wooden spoons

I’ve always wanted to paint a wooden spoon after seeing some of the decorated wooden spoons from Poland and Slovakia. I don’t know why I’ve wanted one. I have no place to put it, to show it off, and you can’t cook with them. They are pretty much useless except that they look nice.

Well, I made one anyway.


I bought a pack of plain wooden spoons at the grocery store, and then painted them green with acrylic paint. Before I could get my design on the spoon, I had to draw it out exactly as I wanted it.


I’m no good at free-hand anything, so I made a template.

spoon_templateI used a soft-leaded pencil to heavily make the design. Then I flipped it over, placed it on my green wooden spoon and traced the pencil with my pencil again to leave an etching for me to see. After that I simply used a paintbrush and paints to paint it as I wished. After it dried I covered it with a gloss veneer.


Since I bought a set of spoons, I decided to make the others almost exactly the same.


I’ve put them up for sale on my Etsy shop.

I’m not sure I would make these again, but they were fun. Mine decorates my pen holder in the kitchen corner. It’s not the best spot for it, but that’s where it is for now.


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