Craft project – Wooden coins


Originally, I made some colorful coins for V by painting the disks with a very heavy coat of acrylic paint. I used a different color for each denomination. The picture is below.


I didn’t really care for these, or rather I should say that I thought I could think of something better. The wood is quite attractive as is and it felt like such a shame to cover it with paint. So next I tried to use the acrylic paint but watered-down to allow the wood tones to come through. The result was only slightly better. Still, these are colorful and perhaps good for young learners beginning to count or play with coins.


Then I decided that I’d skip the acrylic paint all together and go for colored inks to keep things interesting. Here’s how they came out.


So far I like this best.

I have a wonderful balsam made from beeswax, lanolin, and jojoba oil that I bought in Slovakia a few years ago. I rub a little over the coin when I am finished and seals everything up nicely, keeps the ink from smudging, and makes the wood glow. It also makes the coin feel soft and leaves a nice scent.

I don’t know if V will get any of these, but meanwhile, they can be found on my shop page at Etsy 😉

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