In my shoes

I never realized that it must be innate for a baby to see shoes and want to put them on. I was amazed the first time when V took one of my shoes out of my closet and wanted to put it on. I watched her take my shoe off the rack and put it on the floor, sit down in front of it, and then take her food in her hand and try to guide it into the shoe. She couldn’t get it in at first — wrong angle, but eventually she did get her foot in. Then she stood and tried to walk in a very large shoe. That was last week.

Yesterday she grabbed both shoes from the rack in my closet and brought them to the living room. There she sat down and tried to get them on her feet but was unsuccessful. But once I helped her get them on and stood her up, she shuffled along the carpet and headed for the linoleum-floored kitchen. It must have been the goal to hear those shoes moving across the floor.

Yes her tiny feet look super tiny in my large size-10 shoes. I really hope that her feet wont grow so much as to a size 10. 7.5 or so would be just fine.

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