Steamer pot

I have a new cooking tool that I’m excited about. It’s a steamer pot.

My mother-in-law in Europe had one when we were vising her last month and IM and I were really impressed. You put your entire meal in a pot, let it steam for 20 minutes and it’s done.

Here in these pictures I put in chicken thighs, potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms. It took 30 minutes for the chicken to be done and the vegetables were a bit too soft. I know it’s because I cooked thighs. If I had chicken tenders, for example, they would have cooked faster and finished sooner. Next time.

We looked for the exact same pot and found it at Crate and Barrel. The name of this brand is Crafond Steamer pot. They have a 1.75qt. and a 3.5qt. size. We got the larger one.

They are not exactly cheap. This larger one was $79 (originally $109), the smaller is $59 (originally $89). When I called my local branch store they told me these pots are on sale because they won’t be ordering anymore and want to clear out their inventory.

We’re extremely happy with it. IM has nicked named it “Stanley” as in “Stanley Steamer.” I was hoping that the pot would come with a recipe book but not so. I will have t hunt for something online. I know this would be great for steaming fish. We’ve already made cob corn, which was pretty easy.

We’re looking forward to the all the possibilities of this steamer. I hope to use it for years and years.

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