Her new red chair

stokke eating lunch

V has a new chair that she uses for eating, replacing her high chair. It’s a Stokke Tripp Trapp chair in fire-engine red. I found it “gently-used” for a great price on Craigslist, so I wont quibble about the color.


These chairs are great because you can use them for years and years. The chair is adjustable according to the size of the child. The baby seat portion is removable and the slats are adjustable. When V gets taller, we’ll move the slats lower so that she can eventually climb up by herself. It can even be used to sit an adult when the lower slat is removed all together.

at the table

I love that V can now sit at the table with us. Of course I still need to be feeding her, but a few months more and she’ll be taking care of that herself.

stokke kitchen

When she’s not sitting in it to eat at the table, I pull it closer to the kitchen and use it as a table where she has some Cheerios to snack on and her water. I’ve been thinking about getting a small table for her to eventually use to draw and color on, but that will be for later. This will do.

Now I’ve got to make a table cloth that will help incorporate the red chair into our dining room. Hmmm.

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