The best water bottle

V drinks a lot of water. Today I actually measured it and it came out to be just about half a liter or around 16 oz. I know because I fill up her water bottle in the morning and she drinks from it all day.


This is no ordinary bottle. It’s not even a baby bottle. IM started her on this at about 9 months. It’s a sports bottle from the Camelbak company.It has a special spill-proof valve that requires you to bite down on it and then sip from the straw.


It does leak a very little bit from time to time, but V really tosses this thing around and it holds up very well.

We’ve got three of these around the house now. Mine is pink, IM’s is blue, and V’s is orange. Mine and IM’s are 25 oz., and her’s is 16 oz. The smaller size makes it a bit easier for her to hold on to and walk around with it if she likes. And she does… .

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