Treasures from great-grandma

V has a few items that I’ll be holding on for her. Her great-grandma was going through her things and wanted to pass along some cool stuff.

V has been slightly obsessed with clocks and watches. Wherever she goes and whoever she’s with, she points out clocks. So great-grandma pulled out the collection of great-grandpa’s watches and gave them to her. Two Czechoslovak and one Russian watch. Since they are all still working, we carefully showed them to her but I won’t let her hold on to them just yet. It would be nice if I could get them cleaned and have new bands put on them. I’ll see.

Great-Grandma also gave her a little silver broach with a red stone in the middle. I’m not sure if it’s glass, crystal, a garnet or what. It also needs to be cleaned and polished. Then it will be gorgeous!

Thanks great-grandma!

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