Finished with the baby bottle — almost

Since we are visiting and staying with IM’s family for 6 weeks, things are different for V than from her normal routine at home. She is staying up until 9pm and sleeping until 8:30am every day, and she is eating a lot more than she used to in the past.

She has also done away with her bottle of milk during the day and only has a bottle of full-fat milk — no more powder. Hurray!! – before going to bed.

Since she doesn’t have any more milk during the day, her food intake has increased by 100%. For breakfast, for example, she can eat a full container of yogurt. That’s a lot of yogurt. At times even I have difficulty in finishing one.

She is also eating things like chicken, duck, mashed potatoes, vegetable soup, bread rolls, and cheese. She’s also eating a lot more sugar, of course. Not too much, though.

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