Pink shoes

V loves her pink shoes2

She doesn’t wear shoes in the house so when we are at home she looks for her pink shoes and any opportunity she gets to hold them, she will grab them. Usually I set them on the side table in the living room but I’ve had to move them lately. She grabs a shoe and then takes off, running into another room so that I can’t see her. She likes to pull on the velcro strap with her teeth, and well, since they are not the cleanest things in the world — though I wash them regularly — I don’t want her putting them in her mouth. Sometimes we have to chase her down and tickle her until we can get the shoe back.

They fit her so well and when we are outside she is very comfortable in them. It’s going to be a shame when they don’t fit her anymore. And that will be soon. They are starting to get just a little light and I’ve had to look for a replacement shoe.

These have been great little Robeez shoes. They are the firs shoes V has worn out and that is a great thing. It’s a testament to how active she has been.

pink shoes

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