Sewing project – The funkiest baby pants

On the Internet I was looking for a free pattern for baby pants. I have some extra scraps of that same material I used to make IM’s pajama pants and I want to make a matching pair for V. I didn’t find a good pattern. Everything I found was hand drawn and I want something a little more precise. I’m not good enough to just “wing it” yet.

I did find directions on how to make the funkiest little pants I’d ever seen and I had to try it. Check out her site for how her pants came out. They are super cute for babies who are still in diapers and need that wide girth for fitting with a diaper. From my little pile of scrap material I have from my friend W, I found a good combination of materials to create my version of these pants.

For size 18 to 24 months.

For the legs: 2 rectangles, each approximately 18″ x 15″ (18″ is length)
For the centers: 2 rectangles, each 6″ x 13″
For the cuffs: 2 rectangles, each 3 1/2″ x 15″

I used two materials for contrast. One for the legs and the other for the centers and cuffs.

Wash and iron your material, and then cut out your rectangles.

Sew the cuffs on to the bottom of the leg portions. I ironed my creases ahead of time and then sewed them onto the bottom of my leg rectangles. One seem on the backside, and one on the front side.

Sew the centers to the legs. To start, put a leg rectangle and a center right-sides together so that the tops and one side are flush. The top of the center is the short side and the top of the leg is the 15″ side. Sew the seem at the side. Continue with adding the second center to the other side of the pant piece. Sew the second leg to the centers making sure that the material is facing as it should be.

Iron. Press the seems toward the middles.

With the pants inside out, line up the centers and legs, and sew from the bottom of one cuff, up the leg, across the crotch, and down the other leg.

Finish the seems. I don’t know what to do with mine so left them as they are at the moment. I can either zig-zag stitch them (too much work), pink them (ugly), or ask my friend W to show me how a surger works (more learning and time consuming). I’ll leave them as is for now.

For the waste, with the pants inside out, fold down 1/4″ and press. Fold down an additional 1 1/4 inch and press. Sew your seem but leave about 2 inches open to put in the elastic. You may want to check it against another pair of pants your baby is wearing. Sew the opening.

They are definitely big on V so I have to roll the elastic part down once. I’ll just wait until she’s a bit older before I bring them back out. Over all I think they are pretty cute though.

The coolest thing about making them was that I didn’t need a pattern and I didn’t use a single pin to hold anything together while making it. It really was simple.

5 thoughts on “Sewing project – The funkiest baby pants

  1. those are really cute and look like fast sews. I love it when you dont have to get the pins out to sew up a pattern.

  2. They turned out REALLY cute!

    I can make you a pattern for pants for her really quickly. Just bring me a non-knit pair of pants of hers. I will start with my design for the dolly pants, combined with a real pattern of E’s and just make it smaller. Very simple. I’ll be glad to do it. They will be easy, too.

  3. Suggestion: Add a piece of wash cloth to the knees as well. Then spray with your favorite floor cleaner and let the baby crawl. The ultimate in multi tasking. That is what this full like working mom would do!!!!

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