My first sewing project – a 12″ pillow case

I took an introductory 1-day class for getting familiar with my new Baby Lock sewing machine. It was good. In addition to the basics of spinning a bobbin and threading the needle, I learned how to sew a straight stitch and played around with fancy stitching options on my machine.

Our first project was to make a very simple 12″ pillow case. Here’s what we did:


  • 4 squares of material, all different patterns, 6.5″ each
  • 2 rectangles of material, both different but matching 2 of the square patterns. Size 9″ x 12″
  • 1 spool of a matching thread.



  • Pick two squares you want for the top and pin them side by side
  • Sew them together with a 1/2 in seem
  • Repeat same with the bottom squares
  • Pin and then sew top and bottom squares together
  • Press the seems flat with an iron


  • On the longer side of one of the rectangles, with the wrong side facing up, fold the material over twice, at about less than an inch and pin it. Press it with an iron. Do the same with the other rectangle
  • Sew the fold down

  • Overlap the rectangles and pin them, with the wrong sides facing up, to the squares. The material that you don’t want showing that much should be the second piece that you pin on
  • Sew around the outside, leaving about 1/2 inch seem


  • With scissors, cut the corners off diagonally, making sure not to touch the stitch

That’s about it. Press the pillow case with the iron one last time and then turn it right-side out.

I was happy with mine. It’s cute and was simple to make.

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