V’s Favorites – At 10 months

At 10 months, here are her favorites:

  • snack – Pieces of cheddar cheese with soda crackers
  • meal – Butternut squash with tomatoes, cheese, and star pasta
  • toysFisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Phone. We got this from my sister-in-law whose kids outgrew this. I don’t know if I’d spend money on it, but V likes to push the buttons and hear the music.
  • booksSophie’s Wheels. Whose Nose and Toes? is a close second. We’re borrowing both from the library. You never know what she’s going to like and I’d rather wait and see before I buy.
  • video – Still Hopla: Let’s Go!. We’ve tested a variety of other cartoons but none capture her interest.
  • activity -Playing hide under a blanket that’s draped over our couch seat and ottoman.

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