Treaures for V in the kitchen

At 10 months V is now interested in opening and closing doors and cupboards, especially cupboards in the kitchen. So at the bottom of my pantry I’ve placed some things for her to play with, mostly plastic cups and spoons.

She sits and plays there while I can keep busy in the kitchen when I need to. Let’s see how long before she tires of what’s in the cupboard and wants to move onto something more interesting?

One thought on “Treaures for V in the kitchen

  1. Eventually you may want to put plastic food storage containers where they can be unloaded and re-loaded to her heart’s content. They seem to HAVE to have a place they can do this.

    Mine would do this for anything up to half an hour while I was cooking.

    Baby safety latches are great when she starts opening up all the lower drawers (and for knife drawers as well).

    I tied grosgain ribbon around the handles before we got the latches. These only work for some handles, not for others.

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